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Thread: Help with finding 550 Paracord colors?

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    Help with finding 550 Paracord colors?

    Hi how are you guys?
    I have a question. First of all i just wanna say I've been going on a mission looking for specific colors and i finally ran in to this site. Before I ask you my question, I'll tell you a lil bit about me! I'm a soldier of our U.S. Army, I'm in the Florida N.G.and currently part of O.I.F. As my days here are comming to an end I have made some great friends throughout this deployment. As a memory four of us have gotten together and decided to make a bracelet. the one I've made is a lil bit more complicated than the regular bracelet and we decided to chose 6 colors, the button being one of them. Each color has a meaning to them. I finally ran into this website and you have every color ever imagined!! Now my question is, how can I buy these colors off of you guys?? If there's a way possible can you please respond back to me? And if yes than thats great! let me know asap, because we've been told to tell our loved ones to stop sending mail at a certain date for certain reasons. i can't say because im pretty sure it violates opsec. Thank you!!
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    Holy moley old thread.
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