I'm selling homemade cloth dolls. Each order is custom. You get your choice of
Hair color

Black hair is also available I just dont have a picture of it.

Eye color

I currently have buttons for eyes. I don't recommend these for small children. I'm working on embroidered eyes but they wont be available til October. Available eye colors are brown, black, green, turquoise, and blue.

Clothing fabric

Unless requested all dolls hair and dresses will look like the images below. I can do patterns for certain ethnic dress or outfits if sent an image. The possibilities are endless.

Aprons are available. Mouths are embroidered, as are hearts.

I'm working on how to tea dye so that I will soon be able to offer different skin tones; hopefully by mid-October. Dolls are $10 (this includes shipping). PM me if you want one.