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Thread: Get back to it!!

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    Get back to it!!

    Is there a reason we stopped doing these group exchanges? I LOVED the secret sister years ago! And we really grew close on this site. When i was fresh to the military life, this website and the woman helped me through every struggle we had during deployments and times seperated! I think we should DEFINTELY start this back up! I know we are all much older and have out own lives, some of us with kids, and jobs, and other responsibilities, but we could ALWAYS use each other for emotional support! Let me know below if you're interested!
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    I remember doing these! They were so much fun! I'm not around enough anymore though! I lurk and then I forget to log on for 6 months! I fail! Life, man!

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    I just joined the site recently, but I scrolled through some old posts and it looked like so much fun. I'd love to be part of it!
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    What are they?!
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    I'm super late😩 But we should definitely try this out again!
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    We had a lot of participation when I first joined this site I even ran a few of the exchanges it was a lot of fun. I haven't been as active on here since my son passed away been keeping to myself a lot which I know isn't always good I need the support.
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    I would 100% be interested! I have been hoping to get to know some of the people on here a bit better

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