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Thread: Military Sucks, condensed for blogs. (Final product)

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    So good and soo soo true!

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  3. Lifes hard... get a helmet.
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    Lifes hard... get a helmet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwijus View Post

    4. Donít bother planning a vacation. Leave-chits can and probably will be denied, depending on what kind of mood their superiors are in that day.

    23. You will get screwed again and againÖand again. Itís par for the course. Donít worry, youíre not special. Itís like a code.

    Oh I'm agreeing with these soo much right now.. My mom offered to pay for Tim and I to go to the caribbean next summer as a graduation gift to me.. We can't do it b/c we don't know when his stupid shit ( oops I mean ship ) will be here....
    Please Remember to follow OPSEC!!!

    Life is hard.... Wear a helmet
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    Thanks! Thank you Brandi!
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    I love this ... It's a great heads up, to all of "us" beginers
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    he's at camp casey in Korea im here in Mass :(
    Blog Entries
    im new to this whole military life and i am a fiance and we will be getting married soon ... so it was very good to read and great warning about the future ahead ... thank you very much it was great

    you my everything always and forever

  7. every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite
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    every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite
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    That is awesome! Good job hun!!!
    We need a miracle!

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    Where was this list when I met my man. Its just perfect & I'm going to hang it on my wall. Thank you all for something so amazing.
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    Cloud 9 Hope

    I won't lie I wanted to fly away from this command...

    I'm been so unhappy being stationed in this area. For 2 years. No family. No friends. My husband is Alwayssss deployed. I've never been as unhappy here. I've faced insurmountable challenges, no employment, no money, car breaking down, no husband, no friend...Who do I call? Whatttt - do I do.
    This by far is a great post/article...It's a little inspiring that everything I've faced in all these years as girlfriend, than a fiancee, a wife, a military wife of many many years...That the one true person who 'will get me'. Really 'understand' what I go through...was posted in this article.

    Too bad I haven't met other military wives that grew into friends.
    Thanks again. Loved the post!

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    I love this Alexis! Very well written. Can you send me a copy of this?
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