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    Hello from the future!

    Itís the morning of January 1 here, and my year seems to be off to an okay start. With that in mind...

    Do you do New Years resolutions? If the answer is yes, what are they?

    Do you have anything exciting planned for 2019?
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    I don't make resolutions. But two of my cousins are graduating this year! One 8th grade and the other 12th grade. And one of my childhood friends is getting married! My best friend also asked me to be her maid of honor. So there will be a lot of planning for the wedding next year. I'm hoping to get into animal control after I gain experience at my current job. I would also love to start school for zoology, but finding info about schooling for that isn't easy.
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    My one resolution is to get my ass to work by 7am everyday. My job is somewhat flexible on hours, I don't really need to get in till 9am the latest, but when I get in at 7 I get SO much more accomplished and I always feel better about my day. I also want to loose some weight but I'm not setting any major expectations, I'd just like to loose each week, even if I only loose .3 pounds a week. Sloooooow and steady is good for me

    Happy New Year, all!!
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    I don't do NY resolutions, but I will finish my first associate's degree this year! I never thought I would get to go back to school, so that's pretty huge for me. Depending on how the schedule pans out, I might actually finish two! I'd also love to have another baby this year, but that's obviously not entirely under my control.
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    2018 was a great year for us, so canít imagine 2019 being better. Itís exciting to think it might!

    This is my first year with no resolutions. I havenít been this content in my whole adult life. Iím excited to see my son finish his first year at Texas A&M. He did amazing his first semester. My middle child will get her license this year. My youngest is aging out of her IEP, which is such a joy.

    I would like to finish my first novel. Itís half way done. Taking a break to read more now. Iíd like to plan a good family vacation this summer. We always take one to the mountains, but maybe we will switch it up this year. Iím going to see my grandparents for their 67th wedding anniversary in June. Other than that, Iím just going to live in the moment and enjoy life!
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    Honestly I just want to make it through the year. Existing, that's my resolution. Semi looking forward to the semester starting back up so I'm taking baby steps to get me closer to my degree. & okay, maybe trying to look on the bright side of things a little more and not be such a downer all the time. Happy new year, all.

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    ...To not stress too much about work, ha ha.

    Honestly my fitness/health resolutions have been stuck to, which is good.

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