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Thread: Navy Fed card declining at gas station

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    Navy Fed card declining at gas station

    Anyone that has a checking account with Navy Fed, does your card decline at gas stations? For some reason when I use my card at Circle K specifically, it declines. I have to run it as credit for it to go through. So far I've only noticed it happening at Circle K. I don't have that issue with any other business. Is that normal? Doesn't seem normal to me. I've never had it happen with any other card.
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    Nope. Have you called to see if there is a flag on the account?
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    I haven't run into that issue. I would call the number on the back of your card to see if there is anything up.
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    FWIW - I have had a few different cards, both work and personal, randomly decline at certain gas stations. We always had to call in to ask what was going on. At a previous job with a state gov't agency it would happen constantly with Phillips gas stations in particular. Still not clear what triggered the issue - I think for the work cards, since they were gov't, there was some weird miscommunication between allowed usage and disallowed usage that would flag the transaction location. Whenever this would happen the card company would investigate and have it fixed within a week. I've had it happen at Krogers with my personal debit card before, and when I called in the card company said it was a flag that appeared on the transaction, but it never had a reason attached, so they unflagged it and it worked again.
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