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Thread: How active is this site?

  1. Navy Wife Extraordinaire
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    I probably check this site about once or twice a week. Its just so sad how it kind of died
  2. La vie boheme
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    Quote Originally Posted by katiebee View Post
    I probably check this site about once or twice a week. Its just so sad how it kind of died
    I agree. My DH is full time / active guard, which means we stay where we are, but there is no support network. It sucks. This site used to be such a saving grace and I met some of my best friends to this day on here. I wish it was still like that.

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    I lurk, but I'm starting school in January, trying to start 2 little businesses, working full time, and hanging out on twitter and tumblr.. s:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matchbox View Post
    The easiest way to have active boards is if the people who are here actually post things. If we want activity, we have to do it, not wait for someone else to do it.
    Nah, most of what I'd want to post would be botching about stupid clients, or celebrating my wins, and that would be either inappropriate or unnappreciated. One day I will figure out how to blur faces on video, and do a "best of DUI stops" compilation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleMsSunshine View Post
    I think it's really funny when people come on here, and automatically assume that everyone here is a gung-ho, hoo-rah, i-bleed-red-white-and-blue, kiss-my-military-ass, people-in-uniform-can-do-no-wrong, and i'm-entitled-to-everything bitch.
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