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Thread: Tell me about Norfolk

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    Nutts Tell me about Norfolk

    It seems this is where we're heading, so give me what you got. Places for the kids to go, places to avoid, better areas that we could live if we end up not living on base. Just need a basic idea of what to expect. TIA!

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    Know you will face horrendous traffic.

    A lot of housing is not actually *on* base, although Fort Story and Little Creek are. We were there 12 years. Lived in Norfolk, Va Beach, and the other side of the water, on the Penisula when the ship was in dry dock.

    All of Hampton Roads has sketch places, like anywhere, and youíll fight traffic no matter what. We preferred Va Beach for houses and schools. A lot of people like Chesapeake. Norfolk, itself, has lower rated schools, as does Newport News and Hampton, on the peninsula.

    Fort Story has great housing. There are so many bases and housing options. But BAH is decent too, so it depends on what you prefer.
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    Like twistertwin said, all of Hampton Roads has sketch places, but it’s easier to avoid the sketch in some cities easier than others. Norfolk, Hampton and Portsmouth are the worst when it comes to avoiding the sketch. If I were going to live on the Southside, I would live in Chesapeake or Suffolk. Virginia Beach is good too, but huge. There is a newly developed area of Suffolk that is really nice.

    Hampton Roads is made up of 2 parts...The Southside, and The Peninsula.
    The Southside is Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Portsmouth
    The Peninsula is Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson and kind of Williamsburg.

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    We have a house in VA Beach because we like the area and schools better. Iím not the hugest fan on Hampton Roads, but the beaches are pretty, the zoo and aquarium are fun for kids, and the waterside district in Norfolk is really cute and has a lot of good restaurants! Itís definitely what you make of it, you just have to be really diligent with educating yourself on which areas to avoid.

    Also, traffic is awful, nobody knows how to drive, and the weather is extremely back and forth although itís starting to cool down now to the 70ís and 80ís!

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