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DB is the EXACT same. If it doesn't have a proper stored place (and we often disagree on what a proper place is ) it bothers him.

We organized the kitchen and it's so nice. Definitely hard to argue with such clean and crisp looking cupboards.

The funny thing is, I didn't have a problem getting rid of the "expensive" stuff. It was all old ikea stuff I got when I first moved out on my own and had no money. I was happy to leave that part of my life behind (and make a pretty penny while selling it). It's the little things I'm having a harder time with.

DB was telling me about the joy thing. How you're supposed to pick things up and if they don't bring you joy you get rid of them... he was like how about if we have no use for it we get rid of things

This is my 6th move in 6 years... but first time moving in with a partner and first time sharing such a small space. Come over and get rid of my junk for me?!
Getting rid of other people's junk is even MORE fun because there's no attachment