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Thread: Oh hello nursing school

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    Oh hello nursing school

    I finally am starting nursing school In 4 weeks it’s taken over two years of pre reqs and moving states, but I actually got in

    What’s everyone else’s greatest accomplishment this year?

    Anddddd any tips for surviving nursing school with three kids, and a husband who works away from home during the week
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    Congrats!!! Best of Luck!
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    Well done. You’re going to be great. Very, very busy, but great

    The first thing that comes to mind is that you’re going to need a LOT of help. When he’s home, your husband needs to be right there on deck, hands on, making sure things happen. When he’s NOT home...have you got family in the area? Friends? Ask them to help you - watching the kids for an afternoon so you can get an assignment done in relative peace or catch up on your assigned reading would be huge. Trying to do it all on your own out of some sense of stubbornness or pride will drive you bananas.

    Second...get organised. Find a way that works for you, but start doing it and stick to it. I know that for me, juggling four kids and work, I’d have been a screeching madwoman a long time ago if not for the magic of lists to remind me of Absolutely Everything!

    You’ll manage. I’m sure you will.
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    Congrats! That is awesome!! I haven't accomplished much this year other than keeping tiny human alive, but hey that's progress right?!
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    You can do this!!!! A friend of mine just finished nursing school with three kids, she got them all to help her out more than they were used to I'm sure, but she did it! It will be hard, but you got this!!!!

    I'm so happy for you
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    You've got this!

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