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Thread: Car or SUV (for Colorado)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brahette View Post
    OSHIT I just looked up the 2019 RAV4s and that looks awesome!!! Way more in line with what I like. I mean, look at the 2019 Escape... it looks like a friggin minivan. My Escape is hitting 10 years next year so I need to seriously consider getting something new, I've had to take it in for maintenance a LOT lately and it's starting to lose its worth on me lol.
    Evvvvverybody loves the new design! I’m fully prepared to be pissed off seeing them on the road from my 2018 lmao. I honestly don’t see myself keeping this car super long term though because I think I’m gonna need AWD for all the trips we wanna take. Like it’ll be fine for around Boise but we were intending to get an adventure car and this is not gonna be it. I do love it though!! It’s awesome driving an SUV, I literally just got it Monday but I’m so attached already I don’t think I’d ever go back to a car. I wasn’t sure about it at first but now I’m obsessed with it lmao
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heisenberg View Post
    Omg, they are HIDEOUS to me. They were supposed to be scions so thatís why theyíre so ugly. I considered checking one out for about five minutes before I bought my rav to make sure I wasnít missing anything but then I saw them on the lot and I was like ..........nah Iím good
    LMAO I love the look of them!

    But for real OP, if you're just planning on doing regular ol city driving, you really don't need an SUV for the snow. I've driven a Mazda 3 and Honda civic just fine in Syracuse and Canadian winters. The only time I ever had a problem was when I stupidly drove through lake effect snow NORTH. That was dumb. I honestly don't think a larger vehicle would have helped.

    I do find that winter/snow tires make a big difference for a smaller vehicle, definitely way cheaper than an SUV.
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    Thanks for that info. Since I don't like big SUV's it is nice to hear that I may not need one.
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    A car is fine to drive in the snow. We have a Camry XLE and it runs smoothly and perfectly on it.
    I plan on getting a crossover when we go to the states. Preferably a Lexus X series (cant wait for the UX).
    I think Toyota CHR does not have AWD. But honestly just make sure you have all season or winter tires in the winter.
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