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Thread: Organizational Tools/Tactics?

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    Shock Basket or Container depends on preference

    Yeah, a basket or container could do the trick. Ultimately saying organized does more for your business production than allowing clutter and the need for more space to occupy time assertiveness and thinking on fufilling the task. My DG bestfriend is a clutter freak. Everything in her life needs to be organized and put in some neat arrangement or fixture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KittenMittens View Post
    I'm a huge fan of a household purge. I basically forced myself into being organized and living minimally a few years back. I don't hold on to stuff, I'm not sentimental at all, so it wasn't a difficult transition. I got rid of extra shit I didn't use, old dishes/mugs, and clothes that didn't fit. I basically asked myself if I'd used/worn/needed the thing in the past 6 months and if the answer was no, it was donated, sold, or tossed. It was basically the best thing I ever did for myself and now I do a mini-purge every four months or so. Everything has a place, and everything I use during the day is put back when I'm done. This was the part that was the hardest for me, but once I realized that taking the 30 seconds to put that shit up, my life improved so much because I felt organized.
    THIS. I've moved 6 times in the last 5 years and every time I feel like I have too much crap, so I purge. I started mini-purges now too, one room at a time. I also find it helps me if I know my stuff is getting a second life, so have a plan of what to do with the things you don't need. I tossed some stuff, but most I try to donate. DB's sister is moving out on her own soon so I'm giving a bunch of stuff to her, then one of my friends is going through a break up so she's getting a few things. I like donating clothing to women's organizations etc. etc.
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