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Thread: Camping

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    Do you love it? Do you hate it? How often do you go? What kind do you do? What are your favourite spots?

    I find people either absolutely love it, or totally hate it haven't found much middle ground. My group of friends loves it. We usually do a "campfest" every year and get an island to ourselves and just have a great time. I just came back from it this weekend and it was a blast. I typically do back-country (mostly canoeing), not a huge fan of car camping, but hey I'll still take it.

    I'm slowly starting to build my gear, and looking at getting my own tent next (obviously a total moocher hah). What kind do you have?

    Anyways I want to hear all about your camping adventures!
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    Not a fan of legitimate camping. Iím all for a night of being around a campfire making símores hanging out with friends, but Iím not fond of bugs and going to the bathroom in not a bathroom.
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    We used to go camping at least 3 times a year, and were planning on doing quite a bit of it at the nearby state park, but we haven't bought a tent yet because Hubs is ridiculously picky.

    I like camping with the right people. Hubs/hubs family is great. We have great food, we go canoeing, we hang out and chat, it's low-key and very enjoyable. With my dad's side, the same (but with less canoeing since less of them can swim, and with more fishing). Mom's side? Forget it, they can't cook anything more than marshmallows (and even those get accidentally burnt to a crisp), they hate tents, bugs, sunshine...and pretty much none of them can swim.

    I'm trying to get Hubs right now to go horse camping with me, but he's not too fond of the horsey inclusion, lol.

    (Hubs is also an Eagle Scout, so camping sometimes means good-naturedly tolerating an intense discussion about knots. It is also why he is taking forever to decide what tent we'll get. But what if we have kids? Buy a new tent at that point, not going to have four kids anytime soon, and a singular child could easily fit with us in the size tent I suggested. What if friends need a tent? Then the friends can buy their own tent. But what if we want to camp in the winter? You'll camp by yourself, I get too cold too easy. Etc, etc...)
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    My family used to go camping on the lake when I was young. Some family members had campers, but we always had a tent. There isn't much opportunity for camping on Oahu (limited legal places) so DH and I haven't been, but when we go to the mainland we hike/camp in the mountains with DH's sister. We finally purchased our own kayaks so we plan to do lake/river camping trips with them if we get to a state with that option.

    Favorite brands are Osprey (packs), The North Face (clothing), Marmot (tent), Kammok (hammocks), Chaco/Salomon (shoes), and REI brand. IDK if they ship to Canada, but REI is having a 40% off sale for a lot of stuff right now.
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    LOVE camping! We just went the other weekend.

    We have a sweet spot that we hike about 2 miles into and cliff jump into the lake.

    If we car camp I make food but lately since we have been hiking with our gear we have been getting the freeze dried Mountain House meals from REI.
    They are actually pretty good!

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    I am not a fan of actual camping with tents and no real toilet...unless it's horse camping!! That's the only time I really don't mind being in the middle of nowhere with bugs and bears and big cats is when a horse is involved lol (we used to run into both bears and big cats in the woods on our trips :s I always liked having the horses because they could sense the other animals long before I could see them) but these days I'm more of a roasting marshmallows in the backyard over a fire pit kinda person.
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    I love it, and if Husband had his way I think he’d disappear into the bush to channel his inner hairy-man forever

    We don’t get to go as often as we would like, unfortunately, nor as remote as we once did - the kids enjoy it too, but we’ve got four of them in tow and there’s only so far a five year old will walk! As they get older, we’ll start longer/more challenging trips again.
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    I grew up camping probably two weekends every month if the weather was nice. But the kind of camping where you have a shared bathroom and showers (like some State Parks). We used to go with a bunch of families and it was always fun with all of the food, campfires, and kids. We used to see a ton of black bears. Now DB go sometimes but not very often because life is busy and every weekend seems to have something else going on. He does have a tent for the back of his truck which is nice because it keeps you off the ground. Definitely check out REI, they have great gear and a really nice return policy if you have issues.
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    We LOVE it! Our favorite spot is the AF Rec. Center at Fort Fisher. You can't beat the prices and location.

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    I’ve only been once, never thought I’d like it but I had such a good time! Florida camping kinda sucks because it was super buggy and also, Florida is hideous. But I can’t wait to move, we’ll probably camp a lot.
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