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Thread: Are you asking for anything specific for a holiday gift?

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    Are you asking for anything specific for a holiday gift?

    DH asked me what I wanted and all I could come up with was underwear and chocolate.

    Are you asking for anything special?
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    I'm hoping for my wedding ring lol. Just wearing my engagement ring for now until we get it. But if I don't get it this year that's okay. I'm mostly just happy to have my DH in my life and my best friend for my christmas presents.
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    All I am asking for from him is a phone call. We will see.
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    DB keeps saying I'm hard to shop for, and tbh I don't really do well thinking of gifts for myself because if I want something I just buy it I'm way better at doing other peoples gifts. His family is also super not into surprises at Christmas which works out because I was told to just think of things around the house and practical stuff I need, since I just moved. I asked for a set of plates/bowls from Target, maybe a quality knife set, and some coffee. The only other thing I'm coveting is the Away suitcase, I don't *need* it and certainly don't expect to receive one, it's just so pretty and functional (and expensive), but it would certainly be handy for my trip to Tokyo/Seoul next month! My family basically all knows to just give me money at this point
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    Money for my Disney trip! The only other specific thing I asked for is an echo dot. My bf keeps asking me what I’d like but I honestly can’t think of anything reasonable lol. We’re both putting in a lot of money for the Disney trip so idk what our budget should be for additional gifts.
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    I had the same problem. The only things I thought of were small things I should buy myself and trips. With most things I want I convince myself that I don't need them. He eventually told me he'll just surprise me. We'll see what he decided.
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    I bought us tickets to Shen Yun to give each other. We aren't big gift people, so we tend to do trips/events. My parents renewed our zoo membership.
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    We are buying a house. I think we's good!

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    DB and I tend to do trips as well - or activities. We like to give each other memories although this Christmas he won't be here so I think that will be hard - my boots broke and I was going to get a cheap replacement pair and he suggested I go get a nice pair of boots and it'll be from him, which is sweet. We've already booked Italy in May (1 week) for his R&R and that was really supposed to be Christmas & birthdays since it's such a huge trip.
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    I have no idea what I want. Plus my kids and DH are the worst gift givers. I love buying presents for other people and never know what I want.
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