I got my own phone in 9th grade. But, we had that line for a while...during the summer when I was home with my younger brother and sister, if I took them on a walk or anything, I had to let my parents know we were leaving and take the phone with us. But, it wasn't "mine" until I was in 9th grade. My siblings got their phones in 6th grade.

I work in a K-8 school...I see kids (not) get phones at all kinds of ages...it is really interesting to see. What boggles my mind is when they have a better phone than me. I get needing a phone for sports, or so they can contact mom at dad's house, or a variety of different situations. But...to get your kid the best phone on the market? I dunno. I hate judging parents. But, it feels like you are doing a disservice to your kids, and they could learn more about responsibility. But, I am going to assume that there are situations that it makes sense.