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Thread: Radio silence

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    Help Radio silence

    I am wondering if it is something that happens a lot. I haven't heard anything from my DB in almost three weeks. At first I was really worried. But then I gave myself a pep talk. Is their any way I can find out if he is okay. Or am I just being paranoid?
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    Where is he? How do you communicate usually? Have you two ever met in person?
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    If he's not deployed, there's no reason to not hear from him IMO. If I didn't hear from my SO for that long without a good reason, I would be done. Have you tried contacting him in that time or are you just waiting to hear from him first?
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    Is he in boot camp? I waited over 3 weeks for contact
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    A little more information would be helpful... I haven't heard from DB in five and a half weeks. But I know **somewhat** where he is and I know the window when I should hear from him again.
    If he is deployed, in basic/boot camp, or training in the field then no contact is somewhat normal. However, he would have known about those things beforehand so it shouldn't be just like he dropped off the face of the earth.
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    If he's at boot camp, this is 100% normal. Pretty much any other circumstance, including training and being in the field, it is all but impossible he went that long without the opportunity to contact you in some way. That means he's chosen not to, for whatever reason. It could be because he's blowing you off, or it could be because he's prioritizing other things.
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    If he is on a ship, is he allowed to leave? When my husband was in the 7th fleet nobody was allowed to leave the ship and the Internet was restricted sometimes. Sometimes I would hear from him once every two weeks, sometimes once every four.
    It depends on what conditions he is working with

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