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Thread: dream meanings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckycandycane View Post
    OP - I forgot accident also is a way to warn you to pay attention to a certain situation BEFORE it gets out of control. So what ever it is don't sit back and try to bear and grin through it. Fixing it now will save a lot of hurt and drama in the long run.

    LittleBlueFishie - are you in a situation where you have to make a decision? Both dreams involve decision making.

    Babies - in dreams mean desire - not just desire for a baby it could be desire for something else.

    Loosing a baby - means lose of control/not in control of a situation. Is there something you want to do but do not go all the way into finishing it or accomplishing it and feeling not in control of either accomplishing this thing or even being able to start this thing?

    HAVING a baby - means new life.

    Rivers - mean the effort/attention we are putting into something in our life.

    Skyscrapers - mean how we see how self or how confident in you someone else is - maybe your mother? Are you lacking confidence in your self/skills/situation and your mom thinks you can do it all? Or maybe the other way around you are confident in your self/skill/situation but your mother (or a mother figure) is not?

    Wooded path - means feeling lost and confused.

    Seeing an old friend - means missing the days where things felt easier and simpler. / wanting to reconnect with a part of you/side of you (personality trait/hobby/passion) that you miss.

    If that MSOS person is a current friend - that usually means a current part of you/side of your personality that you are rejecting but are now ready to accept and embrace.

    It really seems to all be based around some decision you may be needing for a positive new change. (or return to your true passion)
    wow. Well yep, basically all of that has been going on, pretty much down to a "t." That's pretty amazing. I have some decisions to make but I'm not even sure what the options are. Now if only my dreams would show me what to do...

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    yeah, after a very long time of not using it I am trying to blog again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleBlueFishie View Post
    Now if only my dreams would show me what to do...

    lol right! Well my aunt always tells me to - lie down in quiet space close my eyes and ask the angels (universe/god/buddha what ever energy you believe in) to help guide me on the right path. It always seems to work for me, maybe you too? For me I also have to ask them to please help me hear my instinct vs my brain. Instinct is always right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luckycandycane View Post
    Wow that is incredible!!! I would love her name if you have it still!? Reason I started getting into dream meanings is as a child I would have two recurring dreams and to this day I STILLLLLLL can not figure their meanings out and they are still in mind a lot!

    1. A line of men - and me (approx 7-10yrs old) and someone in front of us - kind of like in formation, and we are smoking one cigar passing it down to the guy in front who then passes it to the person next to us. I would have this dream once or twice a week.

    2. This one was the most regular one, my parents and I would get out of the car after church my mother would be walking towards the apartment then my adoptive dad behind her while I am stepping out from the car onto the curb and a skelleton comes from under the car trying to grab my ankle - I would always feel terrified and wake up. I had these dreams every single night, multiple times a night for MANY MANY years. I think it might have meant that I did not feel safe or protected but I am not sure. Would love to talk with her!
    Wow, your dreams are alot like mine was. In my reocurring dream I was a little girl running through corn fields while a faceless man was chasing me in a car, trying to stab me. Now that sounds horrible, but after reading her was so enlightening, made me literally stop and go OMG! If I can find the interrpretation she did, I would be more than happy to send it to you privately so you can see an example of her work. Her name is Lauri Lowenburg. Her website is Discover What Your Dreams Really Mean | Lauri Loewenberg. She has written a few books as well. She literally takes the dream you submit line by line and analyzes it. So the more thorough you are, the more information you get. She is so awesome and personal towards you, you feel like you know her. She loves to hear your thoughts on her work and follows up with you afterwards. You can even get a phone interpretation but its a little more expensive, I have never done that.
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