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Thread: Any tea drinkers?

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    I have a drawer at work that is 3/4 filled with tea: green tea, lavender green tea, oolong tea, ceylon tea, etc. I love tea! I've been craving tea more than I've been craving coffee. That is like... unheard of
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    I drink Yogi green tea. They have a ton of different flavors and green tea is awesome for you, helps you lose weight and speeds up your metabolism. I try to drink at least a couple cups a day.

    I wouldn't say it's "sweet" but the flavors are still good, they don't taste bitter or anything. I sometimes add a couple drops of honey when I want it sweeter.
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    I'm not much help. I love Teavana's teas. I just wait for them to have a sale and stock up on it. I LOVE their Dragon pearls with Rooibos tropica tea mixed together, so yummy!! I also drink Tazo Calm at bedtime almost every night.
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    I get my loose leaf tea in California. There's a trendy drink shop called the World Tea Market.
    If you can find it, my favorite is Jasmine Pears. with honey and brown sugar. yum.
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    Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice is my fave, I pay under $3 a box. That brand has a ton of high quality tea mixes and sample packets.

    You can also find neat teas at Big Lots, Dollar Store or your local health food co-op places.
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    I use teavana mostly but I did just order from adaigo the valentines day pack it looks delicious.

    I love samurai chai with white amu something or other. Its very sweet and subtle flavors.
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    I love tea! I usually drink fruity teas. i think my favorite is blueberry vanilla!
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    I love green tea. I usually sweeten it with lemon or a little bit of honey.
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    We really have enjoyed shopping here:

    Mountain Rose Herbs | Bulk organic herbs, spices & essential oils

    I have the small and large Teavana infusers and an electric hot water pot. I just follow the time guidelines on the packaging (generally no more than five minutes for black teas, because of the tannins) and decant it.

    I also second the local food co-op or natural foods store - we've found lots of options at ours!
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    Green Tea, teatley the little round pouches.

    I drink one cup every day
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