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Thread: Be Prepared For Bad Weather!

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    It's that time of year, folks! Please review your own emergency plans!
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    Thank you for posting this thread!!! I've seen it happen so much and since severe weather is one of my studies, it always hurts to see that people not being prepared, misinformed, etc causes a lot more injuries and deaths in severe weather that can be prevented.
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    The way I was raised is that you should ALWAYS have a 72hour or emergency/disaster kit with ALL of the basics that each family member needs then customize everything else for each place you move too. Where I live now we can sometimes get snow from October to July so in every 'smart' vehicle there are always snacks, blankets, shovels, usually flares and at least one fire arm for if you run out of food (yes we hunt here). We sometimes also get serious floods. Now if there was something like another tornado or a supercell we have the ability to grab our individual 72hour kits and hit the road while everyone else is still trying to pack everything. Same applies for hurricanes or other natural or accidental disasters. Say your house accidentally catches on fire because the neighbors babysitter left the stove on, you simply roll out of bed grab your kit and you have a change of cloths a second set of meds (if you take any) plus food and water.

    Our family rule was that every 6 months we would go on a camping trip and use everything in our 72hour kit so that we could replace it and know everything would be fresh if we ever needed to use it for a real emergency, the camping trips were an excuse to practice the emergency e-vac plan as well. We got "OK ITS 6AM THERE IS A TORNADO HEADED OUR WAY GRAB YOUR GEAR YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES!!!" often growing up, even when we lived in England.

    It is usually the small everyday things that get forgotten in preparedness supplies, things like medication, baby formula, dog food, socks. I have also found that it is good to get a second cell phone battery and occasionally use and recharge it. This way if you dont have access to an outlet or charger you might be able to still use it for emergency calls. Also keep other things you might want to take with, in case of severe and sudden chaos, in float-able waterproof containers that you can grab and go, ours was other camping gear (things to cook with, air mattress, tents). This keeps pests and mold out.

    Some LDS/Mormon churches give preparedness classes or at least has a "specialist" that would be able to plan whats best for you and your family
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