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Thread: Same Religion?

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    Same Religion?

    Are you and your SO the same religion? How important to you is it?

    Dh is technically Catholic, but doesn't go to church regularly anymore. I am Jewish but don't go to synagogue anymore. I didn't think being religion the same religion mattered much to me, but when starting to think about kids it raises questions. I want to do things together.

    My mom converted for my dad when they got married, so it was never a question for us. My family is Jewish. We went to Temple every Friday night, Saturday morning and I attended hebrew school. I had a Bat-Mitzvah. I liked that we did these things as a family. I could never ask DH to convert for me because I wouldn't want him to ask me to convert for him. We both have our beliefs. I just feel like we are going to miss out on some important time together. How does it work for you?

    I want to start attending services again. It has been years and I have moved away from my hometown. Do I just start going to temples? How did you find your church/synagogue?
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    We're not and it isn't important to us at all. It's never even come up actually.
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    If by "same religion" you mean neither one of us has any clue where our beliefs fit, then yes.
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    My husband is a Christian and I am an Atheist.
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    Nope! We aren't. I'm a Neo-Pagan and he is Agnostic(I believe). His family is Jewish(To a degree lol).

    It's really no biggie to us.
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    Same religion (IMPORTANT) and same denomination (coincidence).
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    I am a very relaxed Christian and my husband is Athiest. I believe that his spirituality is his own buisness and it's not my place to try to "win" him over to Christianity. If he truly wants it, he'll do it himself. He's a smart guy.
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    No far from it, J is a dedicated Christian and I am an athesist. I will not convert for J he knows this understands it, and told me flat out he would never dream of dragging me into a belief system that isn't for me. However we both have our own stances on religion ie, I don't believe in small children going to church, because they are impressionable and will believe whatever they are told vs believe and understand, etc. If J and I decide to breed which is unlikely but if it does happen our children will be allowed to pick their own religion, thus no blessings, baptisms etc etc.
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    Yes we're both agnostic.
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    Other. DH and I have (more or less) the same beliefs, but we don't belong to a specific religion. We'll be in the process of trying to find a church that fits us to go to.
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