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Thread: Same Religion?

  1. Banned
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    Sorta. I lean towards Buddhism beliefs, and thats definitely where I stand on afterlife, etc... but I am not "practicing" any religion. D is athiest. He doesn't buy any religion. Where he stands on religion was a big selling point for me cause I couldn't be with someone who was extremely religious. It's just not for me and I wouldn't feel comfortable raising a family with that in our childrens lives.
  2. Mommy to a Princess
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    yes, we are both Catholic
  3. Where there is courage, there is humility
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    Where there is courage, there is humility
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    We do not have the same religion, but maybe one day we can. I'm Catholic and he is Methodist. I don't want to give up my faith, but I'd compromise to going to each other's churches (say one week at mine, the next at his), that way we are fair.
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    No. I'm a Baptist, he's Agnostic. He believes in a higher power and "the force" as he calls it. He respects my beliefs.
    The only people who are really bothered by it are my uptight parents.
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    Yes, we are both Christians, and it was very important to us. I couldn't spend my life with a non-Christian.
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    We have the same beliefs. It is very important to us. There are a few things here and there that we disagree on, but that's it. Personally, I wouldn't have married DH if we didn't have the same beliefs.
  7. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    Well - he was religious and I wasn't.

    I'm the female so what I said went. . . right out the door at the end.

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    I'm Muslim and DH is Catholic...we respect each other religion.
  9. Getting by, one day at a time
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    Quote Originally Posted by tawny View Post
    Sortof. I'm non-denominational Christian, Steve and his whole family are Catholic. It's not a big deal to me, since Christianity and Catholocism are so similar, especially since Steve doesn't actively attend church (or, mass?) He wouldn't be opposed to going to a Christian church and I wouldn't be opposed to going to a Catholic church.
    Not trying to nit-pick, just wanted to point out Catholics ARE Christians. Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity, as are Baptists, Lutherans, etc. Again, not trying to nit-pick.
    11 months down.... ??? months to go. Will it EVER end?!

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    Yes, our faith is the very base and strong hold of our relationship.
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