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Thread: Same Religion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArmyCupcake View Post
    Are you and your SO the same religion? How important to you is it?

    Dh is technically Catholic, but doesn't go to church regularly anymore. I am Jewish but don't go to synagogue anymore. I didn't think being religion the same religion mattered much to me, but when starting to think about kids it raises questions. I want to do things together.

    My mom converted for my dad when they got married, so it was never a question for us. My family is Jewish. We went to Temple every Friday night, Saturday morning and I attended hebrew school. I had a Bat-Mitzvah. I liked that we did these things as a family. I could never ask DH to convert for me because I wouldn't want him to ask me to convert for him. We both have our beliefs. I just feel like we are going to miss out on some important time together. How does it work for you?

    I want to start attending services again. It has been years and I have moved away from my hometown. Do I just start going to temples? How did you find your church/synagogue?
    The main thing is that you and he agree on what is best for your marriage and your family. That you have harmony in your home. That is the idea around not being "unequally yoked" in the bible. It's because it can be for some a dividing factor.

    If you discuss it and both of you understand what you believe and what you think you should do, then being different doesn't have to divide. As you walk towards your faith and you learn from each other you can revisit the idea and find common ground again. HTH.

    To find where you should attend, I suggest you talk to someone who is in the same faith and visit with them, and then, talk to the congregation there, or rabbi and see if you need to find one close to your house and where that would be. Leave the invitation open to him to attend, but if you desire to go... then go. Be open to attending if he ever decides to return to his faith and invites you. There can be differences, it doesn't have to be something that divides or conquers your marriage. Peace.

    I was saved when I met my husband, when we were just friends, he got saved, and left the Catholic church. We have been the same religion/denomination since. He usually picks our church when we first transfer, and then we visit other churches together to find the one that is best for our whole family. Sometimes we move on to a different local body, sometimes we don't.
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    Yes we are both christian. Very important to us.
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    Sortof. I'm non-denominational Christian, Steve and his whole family are Catholic. It's not a big deal to me, since Christianity and Catholocism are so similar, especially since Steve doesn't actively attend church (or, mass?) He wouldn't be opposed to going to a Christian church and I wouldn't be opposed to going to a Catholic church.

    As far as kids go, if we ever have kids I'd have no problem baptising them as babies into the Catholic church, if Steve wanted. They'll more than likely go to Catholic school since we'll be living in Philly and public schools suck in Philly, and they can decide whether they want to go to Christian church or Catholic church (or another church or no church at all)
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    We're both non-denominational Christians...I was Catholic when I met him. We didn't practice really and over the years have spiritually grown together. We're very actively leading Christian lives and it is important to us to be the same faith. If he were to one day say he didn't believe anymore, it would be hard, but I'd obviously learn how to deal with it.
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    The two shall become one (equally yoked) ...We are both Christians. Truly the foundation of our marriage.
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    I was raised in a secular household. My mother was raised Jewish, my father was raised Eastern Orthodox. They are both non-practicing, and most of my religious exposure was to Judaism from my grandmother.

    I've never felt connected to the religion, actually I'm vehemently turned off by it. My grandmother encompasses everything and more of a Jewish mother------usually a nagging parental unit using guilt effectively to push their kids to great heights.

    When I decided on going to JCU she almost had a stroke and told me I was not to go to mass, and if anyone tried to force Catholicism on me, then I was to ignore them. And.... I've actually been to Catholic mass more then I have been to temple in my life. I've taken classes and I understand Catholic doctrine, and subsequently the Old Testament. I've taken classes pertaining to the reformation, I've read St. Augustine's Confessions more then I can count, and took a Christian Scriptures class as an Audit this summer where we went through each Gospel. The Gospel of John and the Letters to the Romans are my favorite. A few of my professors are Jesuits as well I go to a Jesuit University and after the tragedy we've experienced as a university, I've never felt closer to the religion.

    my DB is Catholic, and if we get married, I would like us to raise our children Catholic. He doesn't attend church regularly, but he told me that when he comes home he would go with me. He did attend a Catholic grade school however. I'm seriously considering converting to Catholicism and have looked into starting RCIA classes this spring for Baptism
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    We both are Atheists, so we have the same lack of religion I suppose
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    If we go by what we grew up as, yes. Neither of us go to church, we just have mostly Christian beliefs.

    be cool.
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    Yes, we are both Christians...even though we may not act like it all the time. I sin..a lot..according to the Bible. My religion isn't a big part of me though. I pray, etc. We don't go to church though...I haven't been since I graduated high school, and he hasn't been since he joined...but we use to go with my parents every sunday. One day when we get married and live together, I'm sure we will try to go. I want to raise my kids going to church like my parents did.
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