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Thread: Same Religion?

  1. Banned
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    May 2009
    We are, but it wasn't important to us. It just made things easier with the families.
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    yes we are. i did not seek a mate with the same religion as me it just happened that way. i personally am glad that we have the same beliefs. and if things ended tomorrow i think i would look for someone else with the same religious beliefs as me.
    this too shall pass...
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    Yes. It took many years to get here. We were both different before but now we are on the same page.

    Being the same religion is very important to me. I couldnt be with a guy that is atheist. Sorry no offense but my whole life, my believes and everything else is completetly against that so it wouldnt work and cause issues.
    I have many friends that are atheist and we can get along because they dont live with me, raise my kids with me and so forth..kwim?
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    I grew up penecostal and converted to Judaism in 2007. I converted because it fit who I am and what I believe in more. My DF is agnostic which I was more of before I converted. My DF is now talking about converting. Which is a suprise to me because I have never brought it up. It is his choice to convert. I don't think we need to both practice the same religion as much as both being good moral people with values.
  5. The Cat Whisperer
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    Yes. We're both Roman Catholic, but he was baptized Lutheran.
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    We are both Atheist.

    Miranda, mama to Ricky (12), Simon (5), Charlie (2), & Kevin (9)

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    I said no because I was raised Catholic and he is non-denominational Christian, but neither one of us is very active in our given religion.

    As for your question...friends of mine that have moved have just gone to different churches until they found one where they fit in.
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    DH didn't have a religion really he believed in what I did but he never attended church or anything. I've converted him and he now claims my religion.
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    We're the same religion. We're also the same about religion. It's important to us, but neither of us attend church regularly. It's not important to me that we be exactly the same, but it is important that we have similar beliefs...and that we feel the same way about it.
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    Atheist is us.
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