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Thread: Same Religion?

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    We were both raised Lutheran, but neither of us practice the religion anymore.
  2. Hulksmash!
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    DF and I are the same religion and denomination, which is important to us both. And we didn't even know we were when we met.

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    Yes in the fact that neither of us claims a religion. My DH was raised very strict Catholic. So the only time we ever disagree is with the issue of baptism: he thinks if we have kids we should still baptize them in the Catholic church to save face with his family. This thought does not sit well with me. We don't have kids yet, but it's the only thing in life that we disagree on.
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    I was raised a United Methodist and df was raised Catholic. A few years ago my future mil told me I couldnt marry df unless I was catholic. That didnt go over well with my family or df so eventually I agreed to atleast try out the Catholic church. I go to Mass sometimes and I go to my church the rest of the time. I feel more relaxed and at home in my church. But I dont mind going to the Catholic classes. I will never be baptised Catholic and df and I are both okay with it. And okay with keeping things the way they are.
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    Yes. I go to church every week, and he has recently started attending when he can.
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    yes, hubby and i are both firm believers in our faith. it is everything our marriage is built on.
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    When we first got together we weren't. He hated religion. I wasn't practicing. However over time, the kids persisting at asking to go on Sundays sorta brought us together into our religion.

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    Yes, we are the same religion and it is very important to us to for a significant other to have the same religion
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    No. I don't belong to any religion (although if I weren't so lazy I'd explore things like Wicca and Paganism)

    Andrew defines himself currently as Christian although he doesn't belong to any specific denomination and has yet to find a church he likes - he always finds something wrong with them.
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    Other--We are both atheists. So we have the same beliefs but neither has a religion.

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