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Thread: Same Religion?

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    Yes. We are both at some stage of Catholicism. By that I mean we are both baptized, I have my sacraments but he doesn't. He is much more of a believer than I. So we are different stages of the same game.
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    Technically we're both Catholic. I say "technically" because we were both baptized.
    Neither of us "practice" Catholicism. I'm more into a Spiritual/Light Energy thing.
    I decided not to make my confirmation, not sure about him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blessed Ohana View Post
    yes, hubby and i are both firm believers in our faith. it is everything our marriage is built on.
    Just curious here, I am honestly wondering (not trying to attack you at all), but what if your husband changed his faith? I can't imagine basing my marriage on religion because obviously mine isn't based on that at all, so when I saw your post I immediately wondered how you would handle a change in faith.
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    DB is Christian (dog tags say Catholic) I am a Messianic Jew ... I don't go to Temple as much as I should except on High Holy Days ... DB has been to my Temple they are very open ... he has been a few times an celebrates Jewish holidays with us but I would never ask nor expect him to convert an him the same for me. As for our children they will be raised Jewish but as they get older I will allow them the freedom to choose there own beliefs ... I do not believe in pushing religion onto people.

    To me personally its not important the religion but whether or not that person has a relationship with God. I may not go to Temple every weekend but I do have a relationship God so does DB thats all that matters.
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    No. I am Christian, and DH is Agnostic. He used to be Christian and went to the same denomination of church as I did. He still goes to church with me, so I am fine with it. As long as he still allows me to practice my religion and supports me in it, I'm ok.
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    My husband is catholic.. and I do not believe.
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    We're spiritual. We both claim to be Christians but don't adhere to a specific denomination. I don't really agree with the way most churches are run. I'll ask God what part of the word he wants me to read and follow not what the pastor/reverend says I need to learn and follow.
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    My husband is Roman Catholic and I was raised Lutheran/Buddhist (Religion from each parent)
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    Yes, we both grew up Catholic but neither of us practices the religion.

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    I'm agnostic and he's Norse Pagan bordering on agnostic.
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