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View Poll Results: Would you ever stop being friends with someone because you SO told you to?

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Thread: Would you ever stop being friends

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    Would you ever stop being friends

    Would you ever stop being friends because your SO told you to?
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    It would have to be a really deep deep feeling that my SO had but yes. Because I would hope that if I felt extremely uncomfortable with a friendship that he had with someone (guy or girl) that he would respect my feelings and end the friendship. But it would have to be a very strong reason.

    ETA: If my DH TOLD me to end the friendship I'd be a little reluctant. If he asked me to and told me why he was asking me to then I would be MUCH more likely to fulfill his request.
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    Really depends on the reason. There are a number of people I am friends with Matt cannot stand. But only once did he ask me to stop being friends with someone and he didn't ask he suggested and it was b/c the person, a guy, declared his love for me and wouldn't take no for an answer. In that case he told me it made him uncomfortable and out of respect for him I ended the friendship. Also out of respect for myself b/c it got creepy.
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    My husband would never tell me not to be friends with someone, but he might tell me to caution myself and use my better judgement if I want to hang out with them.

    But if he did ask me not to, it would depend on if I really thought it was a realistic concern he was having or if he was just overreacting to a situation. The end decision would be mine though, not his.

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    If my SO said, I don't like them, I don't think you should be friends... HELL NO!

    If there was a legit reason and he had specific concerns about my friend (he felt that they were dishonest, untrustworthy, etc) and he brought those to my attention, I would take what he said into consideration but ultimately they are my friends and I would have the final say.
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    It depends on the reason.

    I have friends that my husband doesn't like...but he just bites his tongue and deals.

    If he has a valid reason why I shouldn't have a certain person as a friend, I will take it into consideration. I wouldn't just be like..."Oh, yes dear. Anything you say." I'll give him an opportunity to explain himself.

    And then if I did end the friendship, I'd just politely slowly distance myself opposed to going..."HEY! MY HUSBAND SAID WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS."
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    It depends on the situation, if he didn't have a reason, no I wouldn't stop being someones friend. However, if there was legit reasons I would.
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    Yes. My SO would never say something about a friendship unless it was serious. If he felt like it was important enough to ask me to end it, I wouldn't blink an eye.
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    My DH doesn't "tell" me to do anything. (well, maybe sometimes in bed! )

    If he strongly disliked one of my friends, I would assume it was for a really good reason. That in itself would make my re-evaluate my friendship with that person. Because my husband has excellent taste in friends.
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    If it was something that honestly upset him about our friendship and hurt him deeply (for w/e reason) than yes, I would.
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