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View Poll Results: Would you ever stop being friends with someone because you SO told you to?

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Thread: Would you ever stop being friends

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    I said other, but should've said yes. He has asked me not to hang out with someone before, and I did as he asked. Haven't seen them in a year and a half.

    If it was someone I was very close to, I would obviously be upset, but he would more than likely have a good reason.

    I have encouraged him to make new friends, because I absolutely hate his best friend. I ask about his new friends and ask him not to talk about the asshole one. So I suppose I can't be too upset if he did the same thing with me.
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    It depends on the person, the reason, the situation, etc.

    I don't have many girl friends, I tend to get along better with guys. DH (as DB) had to get over his jealousy real quick when we started dating. At the beginning I flat out told him that if he tried to make me choose between him and my friends.. I would choose them. Because my friends would never ask me to do such a thing, they care about my true happiness, even if whoever I'm dating makes them gag.

    Now that we're married it's a bit different. If there was someone I am friends with that DH hates, not dislikes, but hates and he gave me valid reasons as to why, I would strongly consider not being friends with them anymore. But it would depend on the person, his reasons, and why he feels the way he does about them. I may not stop being friends with them, but I would take his feelings and his reasoning in to heavy consideration because if it's enough for him to ask me to stop being friends with them, then it's something that he feels very strongly about and I'm not about to brush off his feelings. If I were to become friends with someone and that friendship started to hurt my DH's feelings or our marriage in any way, then I would end it myself. He wouldn't even have to ask.
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    Depends on the reason.
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  4. Amy
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    I put other. Probably not, but it would depend on his reasoning, you know?
  5. Occasional lurker
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    No. Not unless there was a damn good reason
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    Fuck no.

    If he had a good reason, then I'd take it into serious consideration but I'd never just end a friendship because he told me to

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    Well he wouldn't tell me just not to be friends with someone but if he did, no. He may, though, say he didn't respect that person or their character, tell me to reconsider and be careful around them, and I would.
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    I agree with the majority of the answers on here. It greatly depends on the situation. If the friendship could possibly damage my relationship with DB, I may consider ending the friendship. Thank goodness I have never been in that kind of situation, because it would be very heart-breaking!
  9. Getting by, one day at a time
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    Just because he said to, no, absolutely not. HOWEVER that's not something he would do either. If he wanted me to stop associating with someone, it would be for a reason. In that situation I WOULD listen to what his reasons were and decide from there. Typically I would already have that inclination if it really were an issue.
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    Other... it would depend on his reason but I really don't see him saying I can't be friends with someone. Not to mention he knows no one can tell me what to do.
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