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View Poll Results: Would you ever stop being friends with someone because you SO told you to?

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Thread: Would you ever stop being friends

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    it would depend on his reasonings
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    Uh, NO.
  3. Happy wife...happy life!
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    Yes, but it would depend on the logic behind it.
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    Depends on the reason. If he just didn't care for them and told me to stop being friends with them, no, i wouldn't. However, if he had a really good, legitimate reason for me not to be friends with someone, then yes.
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    Yes, if he was feeling uncomfortable or unhappy with something.
    We have been married for 3 years now and it has not been an issue, but we both try to make each other comfortable and keep a trusting environment in our marriage.
    ETA we both have friends that either he doesnt like or I do not like but its not a reason for me or him to stop being friends with said person. It would have to be a real legitimate issue with this person.
  6. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Yes, depending on the situation. I would not give up my best friends for my SO, but if it was for someone I wasnt really attached to, or for a reason like the person made them uncomfortable, then yes, I would.
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    I limited seeing a friend once bc my ex was always with him. It made DH uncomfortable and it wasnt a huge deal to me. Since then I ended the friendship bc he told me he loved me.

    Ive given DH an ultimatum between "a friend" and us.
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    If its my husband then yes. I married him and made him my first priorty. Our relationship comes first above all others and thats what will keep us together.
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    No. Most of my friends are guys, so if he told me I couldn't be friends with any guys, then I'd be up the creek. I only have a few girlfriends.
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    I have friends and family that df cannot stand. But he has never told me I cant be friends with them. So if it ever came down to him telling me he doesnt want me to be friends with someone. It would be for a very good and logical reason. Although one of my sisters I donot speak to and its the sister that df really cannot stand. But its my choice that I dont speak to her. She is a bad seed and is very negative.
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