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Thread: I Cant Figure It Out [WARNING TMI]

  1. Finally Together Again!
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    Finally Together Again!
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    Ive never woken up naked, but Ive woken up to my husband pulling my underwear off in his sleep.
  2. no amount of miles could seperate us <3
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    no amount of miles could seperate us <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veronica Lin View Post
    In no way, shape or form do I think my husband did something inappropriate.
    I just think that it is strange.


    TMI, and feel free to crucify me for asking, but am I the only one that occasionally wakes up in the middle?? lol

    I'm just wondering what your husband could do that would be considered inappropriate...
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    I have woke up missing my shirt before. I was so confused till my husband told me i sat up in the middle of the night and just took it off. I do it all the time apartently
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