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Thread: I Cant Figure It Out [WARNING TMI]

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    It happens all the time here.
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    I've done it plenty of times.

    I use to sleepwalk as a teenager. While sleep walking I would pull all of my clothes out of my dresser and lay them out on the floor and get naked. I guess i was trying to change my clothes
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    when i was younger I use to wake up with my pants off, ALWAYS. i just figured i shedded them off in the middle of the nite
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    I've done it before gone to be in my Pj's woken up totally naked. DH was DF at the time. Said it was hilarious to watch me in the morning. I finally asked him why he would wake me up. He said what man in the right mind would complain about a girl sleep next to them naked
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    My old roommate used to get REALLY hot when she slept. She'd wake up in the middle of the night and say "Liz..I'm naked again" . She would always strip in her sleep and not realize it until she woke up.
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    Haha I guess in the weird one! I'll just sweat a ton until I wake up and take off a layer of clothes. Don't think I've ever woken up missing an article of clothing, other than a sock maybe.
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    I've fallen asleep and woken up with more clothes ON than what I went to bed with. Apparently I get up in my sleep and put on sweatpants or sweatshorts a lot
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    I'm glad that I'm not the only one this has happened to.
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    Lol. I've never woken up naked before, but the other day i woke up and all of the sheets were ripped off my bed, and i was sleeping with my feet on my pillows. Strange things happen while sleeping.
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    Haha we all do weird things in our sleep. me and DF will fall asleep on one side of the bed and then when we wake up in the morning we realize we switched places lol

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