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Thread: UPDATE to my brothers wedding

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    UPDATE to my brothers wedding

    So yesterday I posted this

    and I called my mom and told her that I saw they were finalizing plans for the destination wedding today...(I found out through facebook no less)

    and my mom was like alright well I am going to sit down and talk to your brother tonight and make sure this is exactly what THEY want...

    well my mom had a HUGE long talk with my brother...fought a little...discussed a little and ended on good terms...

    well after their conversation my brother went to his fiances house and they came back TOGETHER to talk to my parents....

    my mom told them she wanted to make sure that they REALLY wanted a destination wedding and that if my brother was okay with me only being there for 2 days and non of his friends being there...and his family not being able to come to the reception etc etc...

    then my parents offered to PAY for their honeymoon if they stayed here and had the wedding (since my parents were going to be spending $2500 on their airline tickets and hotel to go to the wedding anyway) and they both JUMPED at that...his fiance admitted she wasn't too hip on the idea of a destination wedding anyways etc etc...

    and my brother admitted to really wanting our whole family there...and so they are getting married this AUGUST (August 1st to be exact) Which I still think is too soon (I was thinking next summer...when she only had a year of school left and my brother would have time to get a job that wasn't with my dad and get health insurance) but its whatever right now...they are going to have a wedding HERE with our WHOLE family....

    I'm so beyond relieved!!!

    P.S. my mom when she was talking to my brother said "If you can tell me that you HONESTLY want this wedding this soon then I will back off" and he couldn't say his mind they weren't getting married till NEXT summer...

    for some reason this girl just wants to be married NOW NOW NOW....

    but again its whatever...they are getting married HERE!
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    I am SO glad you will be able to go to your brother's wedding. Kudos for you mom taking initiative and having an honest conversation with your brother. Hopefully, miss bridzilla will settle down a little now...
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    I'm glad everyone was able to talk things through and you & your mom wont have to deal with time off around Thanksgiving.

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    My sister was like that. She HAD to get married. Period.

    Now my mom and I are wondering why she ever did it. She doesn't even like him half the time.
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    I'm glad they've reached a compromise of sorts.
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    P.S. I'm glad your brother is making his wishes be heard and taking his family into consideration.
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    well i'm glad the destination wedding got changed so everyone is happy at least with the fact that they can help celebrate. that is alittle weird that she wants to get married sooooo quick. is it just so they can live together or something?

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