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Thread: **Brag about YOU!**

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    1. I've been in two major beauty pageants and made it to top 8
    2. I have a 3.7 GPA at the University of Connecticut
    3. Ive been inducted into two national honor societies at my university (National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society)
    4. I was named a 2006 New England Scholar
    5. I was just informed that I am in the top 15% of my senior class at UConn
    6. I will be graduating this may!!!!!!!
    7. In High School for track and field I was one of the two top 300 meter hurdlers in the state of CT
    8. I will be lobbying at my state capitol this spring for a variety of different causes such as women's rights, violence awareness, education reform, veteran's rights and the like
    9. Deciding not to go to law school was THE best decision of my life even though I have the grades and LSAT score to get in (dating DB was the other one hehe)
    10. Some day I'm going to change the world
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    Wow! that's a tall order...brag about myself..hmmmm let's see:

    1. I was a Cadet Officer in my high school NJROTC unit
    2. I have an associate's degree in Information Systems Technology
    3. I have a Bachelor's degee in Criminal Justice
    4. I am going back to school for my Master's
    5. I am a USO volunteer
    6. Was voted Ms. Most Outgoing in my h.s. NJROTC unit
    7. I was awarded the National Sojourner's Award for Patriotism in high school
    8. I AM AN ENDOMETRIAL CANCER SURVIVOR....3.75 years!!!!!!!!

    Ok, that's about it!! I am still waiting for the really big ones to come: marriage, family and getting my PhD.
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    1. Taught myself how to cliff dive.
    2. Ran a guy off trying to break into my car. While I was in it (road trip to see family, and I stopped to sleep).
    3. Dropped my former roommate after he had me in a half-nelson, and he's 6'. I'm small. Headbutt .
    4. I can make almost any kid smile.
    5. I never give up.
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    I could read on a 1st grade level at 2.5 years of age. I read every book in my school's K-6 library before I finished 2nd grade.

    I am the only person that has ever graduated from my high school with a 4.0 GPA.

    In addition to being a nerd, I was all-conference in basketball and starting third baseman on my high school softball team.

    I finished a 5-year PhD program in only 3 years... took and passed comprehensive exams before I had taken all the required classes for the exams... finished with a 3.97 GPA (damn Probability Theory II, LOL) and 3 refereed publication... secured a job 9 months before I graduated... all while dealing with DH (then DB) being away on two deployments.

    I am the youngest and the first female Department Chair at my University.

    But the things that I am most proud of in my life are my marriage to a wonderful man, my son, my relationship with my parents and brother, and my faith.
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    I learnt to fly with the RAF
    I was on the team that developed the world's first digital pg test
    I bellydanced on Japanese tv
    I'm a member of MENSA
    I co-wrote and directed a play for 26 people when I was 17
    I was ill from the age of 9-15 and got through it relatively intact!
    I do research for NASA
    I can whoop dh's butt in Monopoly
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    1. I am the first in my family to go to college (even tho i am not in school right now)
    2. I am the first in my family to be married and actually in a good relationship before the age of 21
    3. I am the daughter of a survivor (i am damn proud to be my mother's daughter)
    4. I had the highest GPA in my senior lab class (which was a class of 60, not my entire grad. class)
    5. I have saved 3 lives
    6. I am certified in nursing
    7. at the age of 4 I taught a boy who was 7 how to walk and talk
    8. I beat my grandpa at texas hold 'em when i was 5 and won 150$
    9. I have a completly torn miniscus in my right knee (for 7 years now) and have yet to get surgery to fix it (its not really an accomplishment, just stupidity...)
    10. I am a Marine wife... thats an accomplishment to me, lol

    * i am really depressed right now, this really helped me! thank you for posting this thread!
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    me-st. louis, Mo him-Iraq
    Blog Entries
    James and I have overcome our serious trust issues left over from previous relationships together and are in it with each other forever!
    I went to school for my passion, animals.
    I went to school for Dog Training/Grooming.
    Even if I don't make a million dollars I love what I do for work!
    I have awesome street smarts/common sense!
    All of my animals are either adopted or found on the street!

    ...if you can't tell my life surrounds around animals

    I got wifeys

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    Me: Union City, CA
    1. I have over 20 trophy's from my speech and debate team in high school.
    2. I was recently promoted to Head Lifeguard at Lake Del Valle in Livermore, Ca.
    3. I'm smart. Really smart. Smarter than most people realize.
    4. I'm also fucking hot. Period
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mao View Post
    I learnt to fly with the RAF
    I was on the team that developed the world's first digital pg test
    I bellydanced on Japanese tv
    I'm a member of MENSA
    I co-wrote and directed a play for 26 people when I was 17
    I was ill from the age of 9-15 and got through it relatively intact!
    I do research for NASA
    I can whoop dh's butt in Monopoly
    Wow, you never seize to amaze me Sonia! You can fly? Awesome!!

    Quote Originally Posted by JayBo View Post
    You really should get on that.

    But when I went to the mechanic for an oil change he asked, "Name?" and I said, "You mean my car? His name is Scratchy." *pause* "Ohhh, you mean MY name."

    He probably thought I was on a day pass from the mental institution or something.
    This is seriously fucking hysterical. I had to tell my hubby this and he laughed his ass off too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wicked View Post
    Um, let me think...

    One of my photos was put on the Yahoo website on National Tooth Fairy Day a few years ago.

    I have survived losing three parents before the age of 25.

    I have nine years sober!
    Nine years, wow, congrats!!! That's fantastic!
  10. Lifes hard... get a helmet.
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    Lifes hard... get a helmet.
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    1. I have played the trumpet for 10 years
    2. My left arm is about an inch shorter then my right b/c of an accident and the surgeries that resulted from said accident
    3.I love to go skydiving
    4.I am a oncology nurse and love every minute of it
    5.I have many of my poems published.
    Please Remember to follow OPSEC!!!

    Life is hard.... Wear a helmet

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