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Thread: Name some GOOD things..

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    Name some GOOD things..

    ...about how you FIGHT with your s/o.

    1.) I think it's cute when DH fights back, so I start laughing and end the fight, and

    2.) I act all petty and don't talk to him, but I get bored fast, and I'm like "Screw this. I shouldn't be punished."

    Needless to say, we have flash in the pan fights.
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    We have staring contests--neither of us is willing to be the first one to break the silence after we've argued---the first one to laugh--loses

    And of course make up
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    "If we were a CD, I'd put us on shuffle and repeat." - DH

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    Being part of "the military family" will really teach you to reduce your expectations of being kissed while you're getting f****d.
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    We can ultimately admit it when we know the other was right, even if we may not have felt it in the heat of the moment. We are both passionate people, but have immense respect for one another, and will listen mutually, even if it's something we would rather not hear.

    We both have a great capacity for empathizing with the other's situation, most of the time.

    We are also generally respectful of each other's space if we need to cool down.

    And generally, we have such open discussions, and are eerily compatible, such that we really don't fight.
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    It usually starts with me giving him an angry face.
    He smiles, which breaks me a little.
    Then he says "I love you babe"
    which breaks me even more.
    I said that isn't going to work.
    He smiles again.
    He wins.

    Damn that amazing smile

    be cool.
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    Me and DF have arguments but we never stay mad at each other and they are always over something stupid not being ready on nights we would go out, MySpace (yes, freakin' MysPace lol), just stupid stuff. But it's always him going.... Ay, BaBy, You Still Mad @ Me?" LOL....He Cracks Me Up
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    We look at eachother and one of us says"what is the time limit for this one?" Usually I say ten minutes, we argue for ten, he will say, "ok times up" then we make up...its great. usually the bigger the arugment the more time we set...thank goodness we don't have fights tooo often.
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    He's the one that gets super-emotional and I'm the rational one

    The best part, though, is usually he'll change his mind to my side and apologize profusely and I'll see HIS side and apologize profusely. It's so typical, it could be scripted after awhile.
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    DH makes weird noises to get me out of a pissy mood. They're so idiotic that they make me laugh. It totally works!!! It's been a new thing he's been doing lately.

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    I get grumpy and then he tickles me!
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    the good thing is that we do disagree about things we don't sceam at each other. we have this thing that we do: the rules is that we can say anything we like, how we feel and after whatever was said is forgot. good or bad can be talked about but its all forgive after. we take turns talking and then after we fiqure out what we will go from there. we used this a few times and it works for us. DF hates fighting. i do too. so its perfect for us.
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