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Thread: Seeing my mom again after 2 years

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    deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    Seeing my mom again after 2 years

    So I decided to make the drive up to Arlington to see my birth mom (it's a four and a half hour drive). She left when I was really little for reasons which I'm not going to say. But I understand why she had to leave and it was in my best interest. Anyway, she started doing better when I was 13 but I wasn't allowed to meet her until I was 16 and after that my dad didn't want me to contact her in anyway. Well, I'm 18 and it got to the point where I was just missing here like crazy all the time so I drove up this afternoon to come stay with her until tomorrow afternoon. She's so amazing! I don't know what my dad was talking about for all those years about how awful she is. I think he was just bitter about the situation. But it is very bittersweet. It makes me sad that all these years I could have had a mom but my dad was too stubborn and was trying to punish her instead of thinking about what was really best for me. I wish I could have back all those years I wasted being mad at her and not getting to know her. But I am thankful that we've still managed to have a good relationship.
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    I hope your visit continues to go well.

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    Aww...that's sweet. Hope you have a great time with your mom and the ride back is a safe one!

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