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Thread: What am I suppose to do?

  1. ArmyGirl
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    What am I suppose to do?

    My mom and her BF have been on the outs for a few days now. (I think they are acting like children) but what do I know?

    But for the past 3 nights he has been sleeping on the couch. And I constantly here bickering or fighting or doors slamming.

    My mom pretty much said she is just waiting for him to move out... They have been together over a year, and some of you that have been around that long might remember me bitching about him being around, and how I didnt like him.

    And I still really dont, and neither does my brother. But I feel really bad for him... He dosent have a lot of money, or a car, or a DL (He got a DUI)

    But thats like the main problem, my mom dosent want him living here if he cant help pay the mortgage and bills. I dont know what to do or what to say to my mom...
  2. coulson21
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    I'm sorry I can't come up with really inspirational advice , but to be honest I think it's really up to your mom. I don't know she is but maybe you could try talking to her? About your concerns....I know my mom is stubborn (but i still love her) and dosent really seem to listen to anyone even if it is for her well being.

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