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Thread: Mamas with pre-school aged kiddos, I need help!

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    Mamas with pre-school aged kiddos, I need help!

    With our advent calendar we are learning facts about the holiday season/Christmas, so please help me with ideas. They need to be simple enough for a barely two and four year old to learn and repeat but still important facts! It was an idea that came to me on a whim, so I don't have 25 yet. I'm wanting this to be about a 15 min thing daily, since it's yet another we're adding to the routine at night. Plus I work some nights so this needs to be simple enough that someone else (DH) can do it for them if need be.

    For example, yesterday the fact was "Why do we celebrate Christmas? Christmas is Jesus's birthday." Then after Caden could say it back (and Scarlett gave it a good effort) and understood what/why/etc, they found the number 1 and got their candy for that day. Of course I explained more in depth and told the story, but the simple fact is what I made them memorize/repeat. I also had him tell me again today, so I know he actually learned it.

    Any/all suggestions welcome! Thanks
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    If you're going all-out Christian angles, I would focus on symbols from the Nativity and what they can remind us of: the star, the shepherds, the sheep, the manger, the angel, the wise men, etc. You could knock out a lot of days that way. You could also listen to a Christmas song some days like O Holy Night or What Child is This and talk about the words or sing it together after you listen.

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