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Thread: Flying with babies is FUN.

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    Help Flying with babies is FUN.

    Just kidding, it really isn't.

    I flew out to California to visit my mom on Wednesday and made the mistake of not buying a seat for my 8-month old DD. It would have been ok except that we sat on the runway for two hours and it was so hot on that darn plane. Once we took off, she fell asleep, but she just wants to move all the time. Now I'm getting nervous about the return flight.

    Anyone else have experience traveling with lap babies? Next time, I'll just pay the money for an extra seat, and I'm planning to ask if there are any empty seats on the return flight, but it's a nonstop so it will probably be packed.
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    I have done lap babies a few times.

    My best advice is to bring snacks and toys, lots of variety.
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    I know they offer/encourage pre-boarding for those with small children, but I learned to board LAST instead so that my kiddo(s) were not sitting there quite so long.
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    Oh no! Like I told you when we were at the mall, I've always taken Kathryn in my lap, but those were only hour long flights. I just had lots of toys and nursed her to sleep. We never sat on the runway though and when we were delayed it was in the airport so she could crawl around. We played a lot of patty-cake when she was awake too haha.
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    I knew my daughter would be trying to go every which way if I brought her with me on the plane to go visit dh (a 8 hour straight flight) so my mil (this woman is a God send) offered to watch her while I was out there. I honestly don't know what I would have done if she didn't offer.

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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    It's actually recommended for babies to have their own seats, for safety reasons. I would recommend doing that next time Here's some helpful info! Flying with Children
    Airplanes, Carseats, and Kids
    Airplanes, Carseats, and Kids
    Restraint Use on Aircraft

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