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Thread: New backpacks each year?

  1. i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    New backpacks each year?

    Do you buy new backpacks for your kids each year?
    we do. We have to for DS he is soo hard on his back packs.
    we have sooo many backpacks laying around because each new school year they get an option to get a new one and of course when YDD wasn't going to school i would buy her one too so she wouldn't feel left out.

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    We buy them when we need them - maybe every 2 years.
    The clear plastic ones, actually, handle more than the fabric or vinyl ones do! I'm amazed that we're on year 3 for our plastics and the leather ones only lasted 1 year, actually.
    Definately worth the 10$ we spent on them versus the $20.00
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    All throughout middle & high school, I only ever had 2 bookbags, and I still use the more recent one I bought. They were both from LLBean, and they hold up SO well, even to the kids who are tough on their backpacks. I definitely recommend them... I still love mine!
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    my parents were cheap so i had to get a new backpack every semester. if they had just spent the money from 4 backpacks on a really good one, they would have saved more money. We went to uniforms my senior year i had to get 3 clear ones and then finally the last semester was the mesh Jansport.
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    We didn't buy my son a new one this year b/c the one he had for kindergarten is still in mint condition. But I clean it when it looks even a little dirty. Hopefully we can get a few years out of it. I hate having tons of bags lying around.
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    We always got a new backpack every year.
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    My mom did for awhile... that was my one "big" thing... (because we were poor, and couldn't always afford everything else I wanted or needed until...) often we got a cheapy brand backpack that I liked, and that was enough to make me feel "cool"

    Then in High school, I finally got a huge Jansport, which I used for just about all of that time... and I still have it.
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    Not yet. I bought the kids each really nice backpacks for diaper bags. That is what they each used/are going to use when they start school.

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    When I was in grade school I got a new backpack every year. I was always really hard on my backpacks so it was necessary. When I got into high school though, I think I used the same backpack the whole time. I wanted a super fancy awesome special one so my parents told me I better make it last.
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    No he gets one when old one wears out. Right now he is still using the one Tony had made for him in Kuwait.
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