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Thread: New backpacks each year?

  1. lord help us all!
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    lord help us all!
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    we always got new ones each year. it was the best part of school, getting all the new supplies! but then i had to start buying my own, i had 3 or 4 a year i was a junkie
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    when i was in grade school i had to have a new one every year, cuz the cheap cartoon backpacks barely last the year.

    but in 7th grade, i got a really nice backpack and it lasted thru graduation.and i still have it.
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  3. I'm too cool for words
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    They get a new one each year. They wear them out so much, plus it's always nice to have a fresh new backpack to start off the new school year.
  4. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I bought my sister one from Eddie Bauer and those things are STURDY. She'll be using it again.
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    I had a Jansport that lasted from 8th grade through 2 1/2 years of college and I STILL have it. Dh uses it to take stuff to and from the ship now as well as the one he had in high school and college which is a Jansport!

    Our kids will have Jansport and they WILL NOT be getting a new one each year!!

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    I bought them both Jansport 2 years ago and they are still using them this year.DD may need a new one next year but we will see.
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    Guilty DH couldn't understand why. Told him that's how I grew up and it got me excited for school. Just realized last night while watching George Lopez that I AM spoiling them. What can I do, they're very good kids and they never ask for anything. I just listen on what they talk about or look at in stores. And even the DH, whenever I say I wanted to get them this or bring them somewhere, he'd say, sure they deserve it. But new backpacks every year, he couldn't understand.

    Note: I bought the DS, when he was in middle school, this $20 backpack. After just a few of months, it broke. Bought another one and it did the same thing. The last month of school, I just had him use one of his old backpacks. The following year, I just bought him a $40 backpack and it's still alive to this day. $20 backpacks work for elementary school but when they go to middle school or beyond, especially of they don't have lockers, it won't last as long.
  8. Banned
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    We usually do for the simple fact that they usually wear them out by the end of each school year. This year, though, they both ended up getting new ones near the end of the school year (DS's had a mishap that left it torn and DD's wasn't working for all the crap she had to cart back and forth second semester) -- both are still in great shape so they will at least start the year with them. If we need to, we will replace them during the year.
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    I never really got a backpack that I remember. We will probly get them one if they wear out. They probly will not be getting the cartoon ones. More generic. I know, bad parents but we don't make enough money to justify that kind of stuff.

    We will see more when the time comes.
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  10. Live in the moment
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    My ds is really hard on his backpacks, so my mom buys him a new one every year...
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