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Thread: Favortie Veggie Burger/Dog/etc.

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    I make all of our own stuff. One box with four burgers here costs over $5 a pop!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazmine View Post
    I love their orange chick'n!
    It's soooo good! Sent a pic to DB and he's actually willing to try it!!

    Quote Originally Posted by [his] lobster View Post
    I think it's litelife smart dogs? don't quote me! It's a brand they sell at the commissaries, and makes fake lunch meats
    Yup yup they make make little griller

    Also for meats try Yves!
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    My favorite are gardenburgers, the original kind. I eat them all the time. I don't like the soy ones.
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    I really love Morning Star stuff! Their Chik'n patties are pretty good. They also used to have these buffalo chick'n nugget type things that I loved, but I think they've been discontinued? I haven't been able to find them anywhere, but they could be out there somewhere still!
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    Thanks everybody! Lots of stuff to try

    Quote Originally Posted by sarahs View Post
    Ahhhh I love veggie burgers!!

    For soy-based burgers, I would recommend Boca brand
    For soy-based ground "beef" (which is great for taco salads) or chicken nuggets, go for Morning Star
    For fake meat that actually tastes closest to the real thing like burgers or chicken patties (but is NOT mostly soy), try Quorn - it is less healthy, but the taste is great
    For fake hot dogs, I haven't found a brand that I really like. They always seem kind of green to me, and it's just like ehhhh I'll pass...

    Just be cautious how much soy you actually eat. Soy has properties that mimic estrogen in the body!
    I hadn't thought about that, thank you. I've started to read up on that to be on the safe side.

    Quote Originally Posted by huladangelo View Post
    I make all of our own stuff. One box with four burgers here costs over $5 a pop!!
    I'm impressed! I don't know if I'm up to the task of making my own.
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