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Thread: How long did it take

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enthused Meerkat View Post
    I'm not sure if our situation was similar...but we had a huge delay after we got married and moved. Here's the timeline...
    Saturday, 11/17 we got married.
    Tuesday, 11/20 I was in DEERS as his dependent.
    Friday, 11/23 we moved from Jacksonville, FL to the D.C. area.
    We were getting paid single guy, Jacksonville, FL BAH until mid March the next year. It was a huge difference from married guy D.C. metro area BAH.

    **We were told the same thing you'll be on the next check...then the next, etc.
    That's so crappy! DH is getting zero BAH because he lived in the barracks. We both updated all our information in DEERS like 3 days later when we got our temporary marriage cert. He turned in all the paperwork like a week after that because of an underway.

    DH talked to his yeoman a few days ago who called PSD. PSD said it should be on the next paycheck (today's) and if it isn't they're "99% sure it'll be on the next one." WTf? 99% sure? Look that shit up and stop playing guessing games. But of course my passive husband just took their word for it... again. Ugh
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    It took us a few months the first time around. I was in DEERS at the beginning of August and we didn't get BAH until November sometime. Hang in there!

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