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Thread: One car families?

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    We did and I hated it. It was a money saver because it was paid off though. So no car payment at all. And insurance was cheaper on 1 vehicle. When we lived on Post it was very doable but took some juggling. Once we lived 40 minutes from post it was no longer an option. He was working 12 days on and 2 days off. 12-16 hour days. I couldnt go grocery shopping or do anything else. And he didnt want to go anywhere on his days off.

    Some families have done it for years. If my health gets any worse I wont be driving. So we might go back to one vehicle for us. He would sell his car. And then my oldest would take my car. Currently we actually have 3 cars. One is in Arkansas though at my Dad's old house collecting dust.
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    As a child, only my dad had his license. I was in middle school before my mom got hers. And even then, we still only had one car so my dad would take her to work then pick her up when he got off. When I first moved in with DH, I didn't have a car. We figured out how we would both get to work and didn't really have an issue with it.
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