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Thread: Where to file taxes?

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    Confused Where to file taxes?

    My husband and I got married in November this past year. Still... I assume we need to file joint taxes this year since we are married. I was wondering if anyone could recommend where to go to have them filed or a specific program to use? I've been looking at Military OneSource because I know they offer free filing online. They also give contact information for locations where we can go sit down with someone who will help us file. My husband really wants to sit down face to face with someone and do them in case we have any questions. I'm confident that we could do them on our own just fine. At any rate.... I'm out here seeking advice so we can get these taxes done!! Help!
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    We go to a local accounting firm. We could probably do them on our own, but I'm like your husband. I like to sit down with someone.
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    I did turbotax online. It was free and I did have questions but you can ask a tax professional questions and they will help you.
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    Turbo tax or hr block tax cut are both very thorough.
    The only real benefit to going to an accountant is tax planning for next year, and if you have very complex issues.

    I would avoid "tax preparers." They generally have very little actual tax training. And they use software like turbotax, tax cut, and will just be asking you the same questions as the b programs.

    Also, no, you can still file married filing seperately.

    Both software programs will allow you to see what the differences will be filing each way.
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    We have used TurboTax for the last few years and love it.

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    I've used the free version of HR Block online since I was in high school and its super easy. I would recommend it to anyone with pretty basic taxes!
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    I use turbo tax. Always free for basic returns for military and cheap otherwise (sometimes still free even if not military). Always have had great service with them.
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    Turbo Tax free military version all the way.
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    I've used for 13yrs now for free.
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    Turbo Tax

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