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Thread: After the final payment

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    After the final payment

    After your final car payment, did you receive anything from the financial institution? Or did you have to request the title or anything? Our last car payment is tomorrow () but it's the only vehicle I've ever financed instead of paying cash, so I'm wondering what to expect/when to expect it, if anything.
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    When we made the final payment on my car, DH notified the lender that he would be making a big payment and we had the title in the mail shortly after.

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    They never mailed me a title because Florida does it electronically I guess. I think I received something in the mail but to actually get a copy of the title I had to go to the tag office.
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    Got my title in the mail within a month after my last payment. The bank should know when you're done with your loan payment and by then the title should automatically be yours. If you're unsure, call your bank and ask them about it.
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    Got the title in the mail after it.
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    We got a letter saying it would be coming about a week after making the final payment, but it took almost 2 months to finally get it in the mail.
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    We got a letter confirming we paid it off, then a week or two later we got the title.

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