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Thread: Budget Tracking Programs

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    Budget Tracking Programs

    So there seems to be a lot of budget related threads floating around today and it got me to thinking. I've never 100% tracked my budget. I've created a budget of our incomes and bills and hypothetical spending for the other categories and then estimated my spending during the month to try to stay within it. However, lately I haven't been doing that at all and we've been spending way too much money and we really need to save more and pay more than the minimum on our student loans.

    I want to find a program or website or excel template or something to track our spending - but I want to track it down to the detail, like every time we swipe our card (which we do way too often at convenient stores, eating out, fast food - I almost always eat out for lunch with my job but we eat out way too much outside of that as well). Anyways, does anyone know any good tools to use to track spending to the tiniest detail? I've looked at but it was a bit overwhelming so never really understood how it worked. I'd almost be partial to excel but I suck at setting up templates for things like that but I'd be good with it if there was already a template. Any ideas?
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    Definitely go for There's even an app. There's a little bit of a learning curve where you have to let it know what some of your local things are (it might not recognize a smaller regional movie theater as "entertainment", but you can define it) but after you've got it down you can track every penny. It recognizes habits and pay days and reminds you when you have a bill coming up.

    You can also track your credit score on there. It doesn't try to encourage you to be unrealistic about how much you put away in savings how some other budget apps will.
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    I use for both personal tracking and business.
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    Does your bank offer it? Ours does, so that may be something to check into
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    USAA will do it I think. Everything is labeled anyways.

    A friend of mine recommended Personal Budget Software - Finance Software for Windows & Mac and said it worked well.

    We used Dave Ramsey to pay off the debt and did (ashamed to say it) 25K+ in 4 years. We put everything towards it and wanted it gone. We are looking at another program to help us in keeping in our budget.
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    I have had an Excel spreadsheet for years! One of the first things I do when I get into work is check my bank account/bills and add anything in. I have had fraud on my account several times, so the daily thing works for me. My dad got me Quicken software a few years ago and I tried that, but honestly the spreadsheet is all I need. I have it separated into different categories like home, car, credit cards, student loans, and other (groceries/gifts/fun stuff/whatevs).

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    I just made an excel spreadsheet! I budget our expenses down to the dollar every month so I know when money is coming in and going out, what our expected projection will be going into the next month and I have our budget forecasted for a least 3 months at a time so I can make any changes and reevaluate the budget if I need to.

    I've tried apps and USAA and I just keep going back to my spreadsheets I'm an Excel junkie.

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