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Thread: How much do you spend per month on...

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    How much do you spend per month on...

    So I sat down and looked at our bank account to try and figure out how much we spend on "luxury's".. I guess I just felt like we could be saving more than what we are, ya know? I found out that we spend an average of $490 on fast food/date nights per month...wait...WHAT?! I'm surprised we are not obese! My husband and I are going to make a budget each month on how much we can spend but I'm not sure what is acceptable? $50? $100?

    How much do you spend per month

    Fast food/date nights
    house products such as cleaning supplies

    As a side note I found out that my husband spent $132 on SUBWAY this month. Who eats that much Subway?!
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    I'm still trying to figure out the budget since moving back to the states. I can't believe how expensive food is here.
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    $132 on Subway?! I don't think I could spend that much on something that gives me diarrhea.

    I cook for sure Monday-Friday and we eat lunches at home so we don't spend much on food. We do some sort of trip at least once a month though. New cities, different countries, lots of festivals... so it's different every month on what we spend depending on where we go!
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    I eat out one meal a day, 5 days a week. Never fast food, so 12-20 a day.
    but subway? A foot long and a soda 3-4 days a week, and it adds up to about that.
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    Probably about 20 on each, some months zero for some. But honestly I think that's unreasonably low for most people. We are on one enlisted income and 5 members, so money is tight. We each take $50 a month for no-judgment fun money, except in summer when our electric triples and our fun turns into trying not to get heat stroke.
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    Take away what we spend with the kids....cause that number is like an average of about $700 a month....I really can't give a number. I very very rarely go out to eat without him. Most of what I spend is on clothes, shoes and purses--I fully admit I have a shopping problem but tend to curb it by buying for the kids. But I don't stick to a budget just for those items. We have a budget and once all that is done, if I want something and it fits with what we have left over, I buy it. DH gets x amount a month in his own account. I don't touch it so everything in there is his to spend how he pleases. But once it is gone, it is gone. He doesn't transfer from the main account. If he has to pay his food bill then he averages about $11 a day. If he doesn't have to pay his food bill then he has about $22 a day. He only pays his food bill when the ship is gone.
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    I bet if I added it up, my husband's subway/taco bell total would be the same...He does come home and eat 'lunch' at like 9 in the morning sometimes though. He buys crap at the shoppete/food court so often but in little amounts. I don't think he realizes how much it adds up. That being said...sometimes we eat out like twice a month, sometimes more frequently. I have no idea what the number is but it's probably close to yours.
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    We don't spend much on actual dates. We normally go fishing, to the beach, the dog park, etc and pack our own stuff. (He's a great cook so we don't eat out much at all). DB has kids and an ex wife so not tons of money leftover there. I don't know exact numbers cus he pays for everything, but most is free so I'd say maybe $50/month. I used to spend like $15-20 day on food and finally started cooking for myself and it's amazing how much you save.

    Clothing- haven't bought new clothes in a few years cus I'm the same size and pretty preppy so most is current enough.

    Cleaning supplies is almost negligible. I make most of my own so super cheap.
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    I'm so embarrassed as to how much DH and I eat out a month. lol
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    MF and I like to go out to eat. We dont really buy tons of new clothes (he wears suits most of the time and I am in scrubs), we dont do tons that costs (we hike a lot so its free), but we spend probably $500 a month going out to dinner dates at nice places (in the northeast everything is expensive, and I dont eat at crap places, so like $75-130 a meal). Whatever. We only are young and without kids and can be this selfish once, so we are fine with it.

    Cleaning supplies we maybe spend $5 on a month. I mean, how much does a giant tub of cleaner cost? $20? And it lasts for like 3 or 4 months so...that.
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