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Thread: Deployment Pay Issues,Please Help!

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    Hello Deployment Pay Issues,Please Help!

    Hello, Everyone. New to this website and forum. I hope that you are all doing well. Anyways, I wanted to know if anyone had any advice on this topic. My husband is currently active duty air force and we have 1 child together. He is an E5 with 7 years and counting in the military. He is in Afghanistan. Anyways, I do not think that he is getting paid right? The net at each pay on the 1st of this month(6.30.14) was like 2159 and change and the mid month just yesterday(7.14.14) was like 2016 and change. We do have allotments that total to about 621. But that is what we have been receiving after everything. I just did not understand. Shouldn't we be getting paid more or? I'm not sure what an active duty e5 married with 1 dependent gets paid while deployed to Afghanistan. I know we are getting the bas,bah,hfp/idp,and the tax free. I know he is waiting for the family seperation one im not sure if he will receive when deployed or upon return. All new to this. So, he has been out there for about 2 almost 3 months now but our pay has just started looking like that about a little over 2000.00. Should it be more, I mean I know we have 621.55 total in allotments like paying bills bank allotments but thats it besides the other deductions always on there. I am kind of lost here and not sure how to understand this and if someone could please help me out or give any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you kindly!
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    Family sep he won't receive till he comes home. Best thing HE can do is go to finance over there and look at his LES to see if his special pay is on there.
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    What is it that you think he should be getting that he isn't? Sep pay? My DH always got that while gone, not when home (he's Navy), but it takes a while to kick in. I believe they have to be gone 30 days before they qualify, and then it takes a pay check to show up.

    You seem to think it should be more, but what is that based on? Why do you think it should be more?

    You can google to see what E-5 basic pay is, and what BAH for your zip code (of is duty station) is. But those things should be the same as they were before he left, so if they haven't changed, they are likely correct.

    We can't really tell you anything based on amounts as there are a lot of variables. But he should look at his LES and see if there is anything missing. He should be getting pretty much all the same pays he got before he left. He can ask Finance or his command about the Sep pay to see when it will start. Depending on his job, there could be other special pays that start up, we cant help you with that since we don't know his details. But if all that is correct and he is getting the tax free pay, then it sounds like it's as it should be.
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    Pay doesn't really go up all that much during deployment. DH deployed in 2013 so the amounts may have changed, but all the special pays came to $525 a month. So split that over two checks. And he received family sep while he was there. So really, you're not going to see a huge increase. Including the tax free, his checks were about $300 more than usual.
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    Like the others have said, there won't be a huge increase, a few hundred dollars at best. Separation pay usually doesn't start until after 30 days have past. So it may be the 1 Aug pay before you see it.

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    Family separation can be applied for while deployed, but often is applied for upon return but it is something that he has to file for. It is not automatic, I believe. If you have a Finance Office specific POA, you can go to the finance office on base and someone there could walk through it with you. If you don't have a specific POA, your dh will have to do it.
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