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Thread: what was YOUR budget in college

  1. sassypants
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    what was YOUR budget in college

    IM crunching numbers (as a good distraction from class/finals study time) as I get ready to transfer.

    and Im like, well how much SHOULD I expect to spend, and how much will I want left over after Rent/tuition/car joyous stuff

    im at al oss

    how did you do it

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    I went to college back in the 80’ mine won’t work, lol. However, I do have a 20yo in college right now. She gets $600/mo for gas, food, clothes, incidentals, etc.
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    Oh wow haha. I never really budgeted. I took out enough loans to cover the remaining balance of my tuition after financial aid, and my rent for the year (since that was the most and I knew I needed to pay it no matter what), but that was it. Everything else, I had a part-time job for, and I just made sure that lasted.
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    Agree with PP. I took enough financial aid to cover tuition and rent, then worked two part-time jobs all year to pay for groceries, gas, fun stuff. I usually earned about $500 a month to cover all of that.

  5. 1/2 hippie, 1/2 diva... all Jersey
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    I'm with the other posters... for me, student loans covered the absolute necessities: tuition, books, rent and maybe utilities (although this was covered by my rent). In the summers I worked 2 jobs and would save most of my pay so that I could afford cell phone, car insurance. Usually, I worked at least 1 job while in school to cover food, gas, and "fun".
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    I worked throughout college, so I just kind of spent whatever I wanted to. I paid for tuition, rent, books, and all that crap in the beginning of the semester and whatever was left/whatever I made at work was mine to spend.
  7. In vino veritas
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    It really depends on your rent. My rent was 300 a month for the sorority house, then about 150 in utilities, so my parents gave me like 800 a month to spend on all house stuff plus gas and food and fun money. Plus every summer and winter I had a job and worked a shit ton so I could have lots of play money to work with each semester.
  8. verabot89
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    In undergrad my housing and tuition was covered through financial aid. I lived in the dorms. I had about 200 a month to spend in whatever. In grad school I used to loans to cover housing, food and basic costs. I allowed myself 1200 a month from loans and worked to make up whatever else I needed.
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  9. I Will Rise Above
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    I paid for school beginning the year. And Then worked. My rent was $525 but I split it half way through the year with a roommate. And I had utilities and food. I spent the remainder however I wanted. I had more extra cash then than I do now I also did make sure I had rent available out of my loans if my checks were short.
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    I spend as little money as possible and avoid the art stores
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