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Thread: What are your financial goals for 2013?

  1. verabot89
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    What are your financial goals for 2013?

    I want to save up $2000-$3000 to move out by the end of the year, and I want to pay down my approximately $3000 credit card balance.
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  2. Team Rocket
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    Create an actual budget that DH & I can agree on. Figure out how much we need per month since he's getting out in July & things will be changing.

    Set up a payment plan for my student loans. Since I'm still in school they haven't come due yet but I want to start paying down interest on the 10K of unsubsidized loans I have.

    Set up a savings account for non-emergency stuff (travel, down payments, etc). We already have an emergency savings account but don't have anything saved for any other use.
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  3. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Pay off credit card debt.
  4. Senior Member
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    We actually just crated a budget. We plan to have our credit cards paid off, and the rest of our bills (excluding cars) coming in the next couple months. By september we should have 5000 saved up, and that's our goal so we can get serious about TTC.

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    We don't have a set in stone budget, we just always try to save at least $1000 a month. So I guess $12000 a year? And were trying to have my car paid off within two years.
  6. Account Closed
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    DH gets out in July so just trying to figure out how much income we will have with his new job that we have lined up, as well as myself trying to find a job. I would love to start saving money because we currently dont. We need to get his star card paid off before July, and would like to get his credit card paid off this year as well. Also I want to save up for an attorney and take my ex back to court because he is just being an overall a$$ about the situation and I want to be able to take my son out of state to meet DH's family which currently I can't do.
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    I just want to get our credit cards paid off. We had hoped to pay off Mike's truck while he is deplored but we've racked up a lot of unexpected debt the past few months so we're focusing on that instead. Our tax return will be a nice headstart on that but it's not as much as we thought it was going to be.
  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Our original goals were to pay off a debt we have together with our tax refund, get my loans paid down by about 3-6K by the end of the year, and hopefully add 6K to our savings in small increments. NOW that I just got a bill for my IUD and it was $1500 more expensive than I was expecting (stupid work insurance not paying for BC ), we have to adjust a little and hopefully pay off this bill and make our goals as well. It will now be REALLY tough.

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    I want my savings/emergency fund to grow by $1000 (by contributing at least $200/month to it) and also continue to contribute at least $100/month into my IRA. Once my savings is at an acceptable level, I will put at least $150/month into my IRA and save $150/month for fun future things (I anticipate eventually a wedding, or travel, or something, and it will be good to have that savings built up).
  10. I just can't even...
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    Pay down/off most of our credit cards/debts and save around $3K
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