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Thread: how much do you put back each check?

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    how much do you put back each check?

    in savings.. if you don't mind saying.

    right now we're saving so much more than i thought i ever could and im really happy about it.

    i make cash every day at work and i get paid for my hourly rate on the 5th and 20th.(which i will deposit) i'm the trainer at work so i get to keep my trainees tips amongst my own tables tips so we only spend what i make on every day stuff like eating out, groceries, diapers, formula and all of that.

    for kevin's check we have only paid the internet, cable,(150$ for both of those) both phone bills(100$ total), life insurance(20$) and both car insurance(200$ total). and i bought 20$ in baby head bands on etsy. there's about 850$ left over and we put that in savings.

    these are our only bills so next check we won't have anything come out and i'm hoping we won't touch the whole check and just keep spending the cash i make which would put us saving almost 2000$ for the month.

    for me personally thats a lot! before we were only saving like 100-200$ a check.

    i guess it also helps i don't ever have time to spend anything.

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    I save a very little amount- about 50 dollars a check.

    DH saves about 4,000 a month from his pay and allowances.
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    Sadly we don't save anything. DH only works 6 hours a day 5 days a week (sometimes not even that) so his check sucks and he wants me to stay home with our girls. We saved a ton while he was deployed...2000 a month but that's gone after getting our truck, going to Cali for my baby cousin's funeral and trying to fix our explorer that is now sitting in the damn carport and doesn't run anymore (money wasted). I am hoping to help DH find a new job where he makes more so we can start saving.

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    i started saving about 50 a check in may, although sometimes i would do 100 or more depending on how much i had left. i was mainly saving in preparation for when DB and i get an apartment so im gonna be touching it to buy things we need. i havent come up with a savings plan for when we're in the apartment yet. im gonna see how things go and plan when i get used to paying utilities and such
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    MF saves about 1200 a month. I contribute nothing since all my money is student loans. So really I am a money suck
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    we save 10% of our income every month..

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    I am in debt payment mode so right now I have an emergency savings of $1000 and everything else goes to debt. After that I will start saving again.
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    Since the move has changed so much (DH's income due to COLA, our expenses, my loss of income, etc.), we have no idea what our current finances will look like when the dust settles.

    At a minimum, we'll keep investing in our Roths, so that would be about $916 per month, and a couple automatic monthly investments we have. Hopefully it will be much more than that though, but I can't say how much just yet.

    Do keep in mind that with the debt ceiling deal, SSI (social security) withholding is increasing by a couple %, so any paycheck that pays SSI is going to see a reduction.
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    I don't work, and we have credit card debt, so most of DH's paycheck goes to bills. We don't usually pocket much if any. Once I start working, my paycheck will go into Madison's Savings Account-- so hopefully around $1,000 a month (I'm not ashamed to admit that I am NOT a full time working kind of girl )

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    Honestly, about 50% of my pay goes into savings. I pay rent, parking and utilities and after that I'll either pay my card (depending if there's payment due) or put the rest into savings. I'm saving for very specific goals in the next year!

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